"There are many journeymen astrologers around, learning to interpret the information available in natal charts and how current alignments bring different areas of our lives into focus. I have known many of these students of heavenly influences, and while I encourage their continuing study and development, I would not recommend them to anyone looking for useful, in-depth counsel. However, I certainly would recommend Susan. Her ability to interpret the natal, current and developing influences are finely honed, and I have never had a reading that could match hers. Her real gift is in conveying the information gleaned in a way that is revealing, useful and infused with love. She makes discussing issues that can be highly personal and otherwise unsettling as easy as having a cup of coffee and a heart-to-heart with a dear friend. If you are looking for someone to help you make some decisions about your life, help you through a rough patch or help you understand why you have had certain experiences, I would highly recommend Susan for astrological and spiritual counseling."

--Ryan Lee, Honaunau, Hawaii

"I had wanted to have my natal chart read for years. Now I know that the reason I waited to have it interpreted was because I had not yet met Susan Sanford. A few minutes into my reading I felt as if she had known me all my life. Susan possesses a gentle and loving spirit which, coupled with her gifted understanding of Astrology, resulted in a very thorough discussion of why I operate as I do. During my session I experienced several "Aha" moments of incredible clarity where suddenly I understood not only why I make certain choices for myself, but also the underlying agreements I made as part of my soulgrowth contract. Susan's insights are delivered in such a firm yet loving way, I felt as if I were sitting with a favorite aunt who had always loved me enough to tell me the truth."

--Joseph Miller, Bellevue, Kentucky

“Susan’s interpretation of my natal chart came at a time in my life when I needed some serious guidance and direction! Not only was she able to provide a deeper understanding of myself, she helped me understand the parts of my chart that were either misinterpreted or ignored by other astrologers. She has a very unique way of disseminating the information into ‘layman’s terms,’ so that I could make the best use of the information provided. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a deep and meaningful astrological reading”

--Kathy Boe, Naperville, Illinois

"I've known Susan for 15 years, and there's no one I would trust more as a counselor during times of change (which, really, is always). She is a gifted and knowledgeable astrologer, one who sees every aspect and transition and circumstance from a remarkably Higher Place. She has worked with me at great, great length over the past year as I've gone through a marital separation, and it's thanks to Susan that I've come out the other end with the perspective I have: One in which all can be forgiven, nothing happens by accident, and we are all souls here to learn lessons from our relationships. I'm able to rise above ego and funnel away anger because Susan has helped me to see a bigger picture. For this I'm eternally grateful. What she is channeling is something powerful, and she delivers it in the gentlest of ways, sharing a great gift and (I notice this because I'm an editor) doing so fluently and even poetically."

--Will Palmer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I have had countless astrological readings over my lifetime, but no one has been able to share with me the depth of wisdom that Susan has. Susan is not an astrologer, per se, but rather more of a counselor who utilizes astrology as a tool. Her gift is her ability to look at your natal chart and know what your soul's growth themes and lessons are for this lifetime. Not only can she help you understand and decode your unique path, but also how all that's outpicturing in your life reflects the perfect timing your soul has chosen to offer yourself these opportunities toward self-mastery.

Susan's sessions are truly profound. I don't know anyone else who can do what she does, and I feel that my words are inadequate to convey the full extent of what she can share. If you are at all drawn to what I have tried to describe, please contact her. This is something that must be experienced to be understood."

--Eileen Taft, Orlando, Florida